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Slug Killer Pellets (800g)

Guard Your Garden: Organic & Effective

  • Treats up to 210 square metres
  • Suitable for organic gardening
  • Showerproof for up to 10 days
  • Minimises slug & snail damage
  • Reduces unsightly slug trails



Keep Pests at Bay the Natural Way

Every gardener’s dream is to see their plants and flowers thriving. However, slugs and snails often become nightmarish adversaries in this journey. With Slug Killer Pellets, you now have a powerful ally. This 800g pack is not just an effective defence against these pests but also an eco-friendly choice, being suitable for organic gardening.

These pellets offer protection to a wide range of plants, from young seedlings and ornamental plants to fruiting strawberries. Designed to be showerproof, they ensure up to 10 days of protection, come rain or shine. Say goodbye to the damages and the unsightly trails left behind by slugs and snails, and watch your garden flourish.

What’s included:

  • Slug Killer Pellets (800g)



  • Coverage: Up to 210 square metres
  • Suitability: Organic gardening
  • Protection Duration: Up to 10 days (Showerproof)
  • Application: Late evening or early morning, in damp conditions
  • Usage Areas: Bare soil, young plants, salad crops, ornamental plants, strawberries. Effective against garden snails on leafy vegetables.

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