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Power Your Freedom: One Battery, Limitless Possibilities

Introducing the Freedom Range, our premier collection of cordless garden tools designed to revolutionise your gardening experience. With the innovative one-battery system, you can effortlessly switch between tasks without missing a beat. The Freedom Range is divided into two dynamic series: the robust Freedom 40V Range for those demanding maximum power and performance, and the versatile Freedom Lite 20V Range, perfect for lighter tasks and smaller gardens. From telescopic trimmers and loppers to chainsaws and handheld trimmers, each tool is engineered for convenience, efficiency, and superior results. Say goodbye to cords and fuel, and hello to complete gardening freedom. Whether you’re shaping hedges, cutting branches, or tidying edges, the Freedom Range provides the power you need with the flexibility you desire. Explore our collection and discover how easy and enjoyable gardening can be with the right tools in hand.

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