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Three Waves Pest Repeller

Drive pests away humanely

  • Combines three electronic waves
  • LED lights indicate active wave
  • Targets pest’s hearing and nervous systems
  • Humane pest removal method
  • Effective and non-toxic approach


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Sku: H93635

Three-pronged electronic waves for humane and effective pest deterrence

Introducing the Three Waves Pest Repeller, a modern solution designed to repel pests without harm. This device seamlessly integrates three distinct electronic waves: a super-low electromagnetic wave alongside two ultrasonic waves. These waves specifically target the hearing and nervous systems of the pests, causing them discomfort and encouraging them to leave the premises. To help users understand which wave is in operation, the repeller comes equipped with three LED indicators. What sets our Repeller apart is its commitment to being humane; instead of killing or injuring pests, it simply makes the environment uncomfortable for them, promoting a natural and kind exit.


  • Three electronic waves for maximum effectiveness
  • LED indicators to show active wave
  • Designed to disturb pest’s sensory systems
  • Safe, humane, and non-toxic
  • Simple operation with clear results


What’s Included:

  • One Three Waves Pest Repeller
  • User manual



  • Power source: Electronic
  • Waves: 1 Super-low electromagnetic, 2 Ultrasonic
  • Indicators: 3 LED lights

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