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Blackspur Felling Axe With Blade Protector

Efficient Logging with Blackspur’s Felling Axe

  • Drop forged for strength
  • Blade protector included
  • Comfortable 14″ wooden grip


Sku: H66558

Blackspur 1 1/4LB Felling Axe: Your Timber’s Next Best Friend

Experience the blend of strength and efficiency with the Blackspur 1 1/4LB felling axe. Expertly crafted with a drop-forged head, it guarantees unparalleled performance, ensuring every strike on timber is both powerful and precise. And, to maintain its edge and safety, each axe comes fitted with a blade protector, keeping it sharp and damage-free.

The accompanying 14-inch wooden handle is not just there for looks. It is ergonomically designed to provide both comfort during extended use and a secure grip, ensuring optimal force with each swing.


  • Heavy-duty Forged Head: Ensures maximum impact on every strike.
  • Blade Protector: Maintains sharpness and ensures user safety.
  • Strong 14″ Wooden Handle: Offers a comfortable and firm grip.

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