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7-Piece Garden Tool Tidy

Organise Your Garden Tools with Ease!

  • Holds up to 7 garden tools
  • Compatible with spades, forks, rakes, brooms, etc.
  • Compact design for easy tool access
  • Quick and tool-free assembly
  • Optional wall-mounting for added stability



Sku: GRG06050

Streamline Your Shed: Garden Tool Tidy for Neat and Easy Storage

Say goodbye to cluttered sheds and garages with our Garden Tool Tidy, designed to keep your gardening essentials organized and easily accessible. With the capacity to hold up to 7 garden tools such as spades, forks, rakes, and brooms, this tidy solution is a must-have for any gardening enthusiast. Its compact size ensures that tools can be stored neatly without taking up excessive space, allowing for effortless removal and retrieval whenever needed.

Assembly is a breeze with our tool-free design, allowing you to set up the tool tidy in minutes. Alternatively, for added stability, use the supplied clips to securely fix the unit to the wall. For optimal safety, especially when storing top-heavy tools, we recommend screwing the shelf unit back to a solid surface to prevent tipping or falling. This ensures a secure and stable storage solution for all your gardening equipment.

Experience the convenience of a tidy and well-organized shed or garage with our Garden Tool Tidy. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this tidy solution helps streamline your gardening space, making it easy to find and access your tools whenever inspiration strikes. Keep your gardening area clutter-free and enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable gardening experience.

What’s Included:

  • Garden Tool Tidy
  • Clips for Optional Wall-Mounting


  • Capacity: Up to 7 garden tools
  • Compatibility: Spades, forks, rakes, brooms, etc.
  • Assembly: Tool-free (Optional wall-mounting with supplied clips)
  • Dimensions: [Provide dimensions if available]

Disclaimer: Ensure proper installation and stability when mounting the tool tidy to the wall. Exercise caution when loading the unit with heavy tools to prevent tipping or instability. Screw the shelf unit back to a solid surface for added safety, especially with top-heavy tools.

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