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20v Lithium Cordless Telescopic Saw

One Battery, Multiple Tools

  • Ultimate DIY and garden versatility
  • Switch battery across 5 tools
  • Extendable reach from 2.2m to 2.7m
  • Cord-free and emission-free
  • Reliable Oregon bar and saw


Sku: EK1612

Eckman 20V Freedom Lite: The Power of One Battery Across Multiple Tools

The future of garden maintenance and DIY projects is here with Eckman’s 20v Freedom Lite Range. Why juggle multiple batteries when one can power a suite of tools? With this system, you can interchange your 20v lithium-ion battery between five distinct tools in the range, spanning from trimmers to loppers, circular saws, and more. This embodies versatility, making every DIY and garden project a seamless experience.

Among the range, our Cordless Telescopic Saw stands out, especially for those hard-to-reach branches. No more struggling with ladders; this saw extends effortlessly from 2.2 metres up to 2.7 meters. Say goodbye to cords and the associated risks – this tool offers a hassle-free experience with zero emissions. An added bonus is the reliable Oregon bar and saw, which come with an SDS system, letting you adjust without needing any tools. And for longer tasks, the included shoulder strap ensures comfort all the way.

The heartbeat of this tool is the high-quality 1.5Ah Lithium Battery, designed to be lightweight yet powerful. This battery is your key to the entire 20v Freedom Lite range. Click here for more details.


  • Cutting Length: 200mm
  • Speed: 5.5m/s
  • Charge Time: 3-5 Hours
  • Operational Time (No load): 20-25 mins
  • Telescopic Reach: Aluminium pole, 220-270cm
  • Battery: 20v Lithium, 1500mah with LED indicator (not included)
  • Cutting Width: Effective 20cm, versatile for multiple applications.
  • Overhead Reach: With centre extension pole, up to 4 metres.
  • Build: Lightweight aluminium, Oregon bar and saw.
  • Special Features:
    • Non-slip grips for precision and control.
    • Disassembles easily for storage and transport.
    • SDS system for tool-free adjustments.
    • Safe and environmentally friendly: No cords, no emissions.


Enjoy the convenience of one battery system and the freedom to tackle any garden project with confidence.

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