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Wireless Headphones

Elevate Every Beat, Wirelessly

  • Enjoy music, TV, radio, or DVD wirelessly.
  • Integrated volume control and Super Bass.
  • 8-meter wireless range for flexibility.
  • Advanced Chip & Core technology for strong signals.
  • Soft-comfort rings for a secure fit.


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1 £17.99
2+ 13.9 % £15.49
Sku: H64076

Discover the Future of Audio with Wireless Headphones.

Venture into a world of sonic clarity with the Wireless Headphones. Fitted with integrated volume control and Super Bass, these headphones pledge an unrivalled auditory performance, ensuring the purest rendition of every tune and beat. The essence of these headphones is truly wireless. Just plug the receiver into your choice of device – a stereo, MP3 player, TV, or computer. Enjoy the liberty of a 8m radius, free from any restraint. Roam your home without a pause in your playlist; even walls pose no challenge with its formidable transmission prowess.

Incorporating the avant-garde Chip & Core technology, it ensures the signal’s potency is top-notch, delivering uninterrupted and refined sound quality. The headphones also cater to stereo sound, enhancing the auditory experience for compatible devices. Need to switch to wired mode? No issue. These headphones transition smoothly with the provided standard headphone cable.

Designed with user comfort as a priority, they promise a perfect, secure fit. The easy-access in-built controls, encompassing volume, reset, and scan, make your listening sessions both effortless and enriching.


  • Integrated Volume Control: Dial into your preferred volume.
  • Super Bass: Deep, resonant sound quality.
  • Chip & Core Technology: Superior signal and seamless reception.
  • Stereo Sound: Augmented audio for compatible devices.
  • On-device Controls: Direct and straightforward access.

What’s Included:

  • Wireless Headphones
  • Receiver Unit
  • Standard Headphone Cable


  • Power: Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included).
  • Wireless Range: 8 meters.
  • Compatibility: Works with stereo, MP3 player, TV, or computer.
  • Wired Option: Standard headphone cable included.
  • Controls: Built-in volume, reset, and scan controls.


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