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Tree Stump & Weed Killer

Deep-Rooted Defence: Tree & Weed Killer

  • Penetrates to the very root
  • Effective on stumps and stubborn weeds
  • Visible results within 7-14 days
  • Enriched with 72g/l Glyphosate
  • Simple application process



No More Stubborn Stumps & Weeds: Tree & Weed Terminator

Give your garden the impeccable care it deserves with our Tree & Weed Terminator. Designed to work systematically, this powerful solution is absorbed and carried to every part of the targeted tree stump or weed, ensuring that nothing is left behind.

From nettles and dandelions to the most obstinate perennial weeds, watch them diminish in just a week or two. Plus, with its potency against cut tree stumps, regrowth is a worry of the past. The inclusion of 72g/l Glyphosate ensures that the product works efficiently and effectively.

What’s included:

  • 1 x Tree & Weed Terminator Bottle



  • Active Ingredient: 72g/l Glyphosate
  • Application: Ensure thorough coverage of targeted area
  • Visibility of Results: 7-14 days
  • Special Notes: Keep children and pets away for 6 hours post-application. Grazing animals should be kept off for 10 days.

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