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Tomato Feed

Nourish for Robust Tomato Blooms

  • Enriched with seaweed & magnesium
  • Promotes high tomato yields
  • Boosts full-flavour growth
  • Versatile plant feed
  • Balanced NPK 4:5:9 formula


Sku: DFFJGA00-fig

Flavour-Full Growth with a Seaweed Boost

Introducing a premium solution for garden enthusiasts — the Top-Quality Liquid Tomato Food. Thoughtfully formulated to ensure your tomatoes not only grow, but thrive. Enriched with the potent combination of seaweed and magnesium, this feed promises to stimulate strong and healthy growth in your plants. What’s more, it guarantees high yields of tomatoes bursting with rich, full flavour.

Beyond tomatoes, diversify your garden care routine. This liquid feed is a game-changer for courgettes, aubergines, and all flowering plants. Its perfect balance of NPK 4:5:9 ensures optimum nutrient delivery for varied plant types, making it a versatile addition to any gardener’s toolkit.

Seaweed & Magnesium Enrichment: For strong, healthy plant growth
Full-Flavour Promotion: Ensures tomatoes are rich and flavour-packed
Balanced Nutrition: With a perfect NPK 4:5:9 formula
Versatility at its Best: Suitable for courgettes, aubergines, and flowering plants
Optimum Growth Assurance: With high-quality ingredients



  • 1 Bottle of Top-Quality Liquid Tomato Food



  • Formula: NPK 4:5:9 for balanced nourishment
  • Main Ingredients: Seaweed & Magnesium for optimum growth
  • Application: Suitable for tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, and flowering plants
  • Purpose: Promotes high yields and robust, full-flavour growth

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