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Tiger Wall Tidy


Fun Wall Hang Tidy for Kids’ Treasures!

  • Restores Order to Kids’ Rooms
  • Delightful Novelty Pockets for Storage
  • Ends the Search for Misplaced Items

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Bring Order to Kids’ Rooms with a Fun Wall Hang Tidy!

When the chaos of the kids’ room becomes too much to bear, our fun wall hang tidy comes to the rescue! This clever organiser is designed to bring order back into the space, making tidying up a breeze. With delightful novelty pockets, the kids will have a blast storing their treasures, and, best of all, they’ll always know exactly where to find them. Say goodbye to the endless hunt for misplaced items!

This wall hang tidy is not only practical but also adds a playful touch to the room decor. It’s a win-win for both parents and kids! Now, Mum, you can enjoy a tidier space, and the kids can have fun while keeping their room organised. It’s a great idea that everyone will love!

What’s Included:

  • 1 Fun Wall Hang Tidy


  • Dimensions: 30 inches (height) x 20 inches (width)
  • Material: Durable Fabric and Sturdy Hooks
  • Pockets: 5 Novelty Pockets for Storage
  • Installation: Easy Wall Mounting (Hardware Included)

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