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Telescopic Garden Hedge Shears

The Ultimate Pruning Partner

  • Precision cuts with 65mn higher hardness steel blade
  • Extensive reach with telescopic feature, 80 to 112cm
  • Lightweight design crafted with an aluminium handle
  • Suitable for both grass and hedge branches


Sku: EKTGS01

Mastering Garden Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

The Eckman Hedge Shears redefine the art of garden maintenance, combining functionality and comfort. Whether you’re keen on shaping your hedges, training bushes, or simply trimming soft new growth, these shears are up to the task.

Their dual capability allows for not only trimming hedges but also effortlessly cutting through grass. The compound cutting action paired with a wavy blade minimises effort, even with repetitive cutting chores. The 65mn steel blade, treated with chrome, is not only hard-wearing but also resistant to rust and reduces friction during cutting.

For those challenging spots and high branches, the shears’ telescopic feature becomes invaluable, extending your reach up to 112cm. And despite its functional robustness, the tool remains surprisingly light due to its aluminium handle, ensuring you can keep going without fatigue. To top it off, the soft, non-slip rubber grips ensure a comfortable and secure hold.


  • Superior Blade: Crafted from 65mn higher hardness steel for precision cutting.
  • Extended Reach: Telescopic feature extending from 80 to 112cm.
  • User-Friendly Design: Lightweight aluminium handle ensures ease of use.
  • Versatile Cutting: Perfect for grass and hedge branches alike, thanks to its compound cutting action and wavy blade.


What’s Included:

  • 1 x Eckman Hedge Shears with Telescopic Handle


Discover the difference of Eckman Hedge Shears – where quality meets garden mastery.

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