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Telescopic Artificial Lawn Rake


Revitalise Your Lawn with Every Stroke.

  • Groom, lift, perfect.
  • Efficient debris removal
  • Seamless grass blending
  • Extendable telescopic design
  • Gentle on your turf


Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £19.99.

Sku: H66505

Elevate Lawn Care: Precision, Comfort, and Flawless Results

The Telescopic Artificial Lawn Rake is the quintessential tool for artificial lawn enthusiasts. Tailored to make sure your turf remains as pristine as the day it was laid. While artificial lawns boast of being low-maintenance, they thrive with a touch of care now and then. With 194 high-grade polyamide bristles, this rake meticulously lifts the turf, eliminating any unwanted debris and moss. Installing a new patch or giving an old one a touch-up, this rake ensures a seamless finish, blending grass sections effortlessly.

Made from robust powder-coated steel, durability is a given. Its extendable telescopic handle ensures you maintain in comfort, and with a sweeping area of 45cm, it promises efficiency. Light as a feather, the rake is both gentle on your lawn and easy on your arms.

  • Precise Tuft Lifting: Ensures a lush, natural appearance
  • Efficient Sweep: 45cm sweep area for optimal coverage
  • 194 Polyamide Bristles: Gentle yet effective grooming
  • Extendable Comfort: Adjustable handle for tailored use
  • Built to Last: Crafted from powder-coated steel



  • 1 Telescopic Artificial Lawn Rake



  • Material: Powder-coated steel for optimal durability
  • Bristles: 194 high-grade polyamide
  • Adjustability: Telescopic design tailored for user comfort
  • Functionality: Gentle & lightweight for ease of use
  • Sweep Area: 45cm for efficient grooming

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