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Panaview Binoculars 7x35mm

Explore the world up close

  • Crystal-clear optics for vivid details.
  • Compact and lightweight for on-the-go adventures.
  • 7x magnification for optimal viewing.
  • Durable design built for outdoor exploration.
  • See more, explore more with Panaview.


Sku: H51156

Embark on a visual journey with Panaview Binoculars 7x35mm—a reliable companion for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and adventurers

These binoculars offer crystal-clear optics that bring the world into sharp focus, revealing vivid details with every glance. Designed for on-the-go exploration, these binoculars are both compact and lightweight. Slip them into your backpack, and you’re ready to enhance your outdoor experiences with a closer view of the wonders around you. Whether you’re birdwatching, attending a sports event, or exploring scenic landscapes, the Panaview Binoculars provide clarity and convenience.

The 7x magnification ensures optimal viewing, allowing you to see more and explore the finer details of your surroundings. From distant wildlife to panoramic vistas, these binoculars bring your adventures to life with exceptional visual precision.

Built for durability and outdoor use, Panaview Binoculars feature a rugged design that withstands the rigors of exploration. The non-slip grip provides a secure hold, even in challenging conditions, ensuring your binoculars are as resilient as your sense of adventure.


  • Crystal-clear optics for vivid details
  • Compact and lightweight for on-the-go adventures
  • 7x magnification for optimal viewing
  • Durable design built for outdoor exploration


  • Magnification: 7x
  • Objective lens diameter: 35mm
  • Design: Compact and lightweight
  • Grip: Non-slip for secure hold

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