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Pair of 28 PSI Pressure Caps

Maintain optimal tire pressure with the Pair of 28 PSI Pressure Caps.

  • Preset pressure for efficient maintenance.
  • Easy-to-read gauge for quick checks.
  • Universal fit for hassle-free application.
  • Durable caps enhance tire lifespan.
  • Compact, essential tool for every vehicle.


Sku: SWTP28

Elevate your driving experience with the Pair of 28 PSI Pressure Caps—an essential tool for maintaining optimal tire pressure effortlessly

Ensure your vehicle’s performance and safety with the Pair of 28 PSI Pressure Caps—a simple yet indispensable tool for maintaining proper tire pressure. These pressure caps are pre-set to 28 PSI, eliminating the guesswork associated with manual pressure checks.

Featuring an easy-to-read gauge, these pressure caps provide a quick visual indicator of your tire pressure status. Regular checks and adjustments are a breeze, contributing to fuel efficiency, tire longevity, and overall driving safety.

With a universal fit, these pressure caps are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making them a hassle-free and versatile solution for every driver. Whether you’re a commuter, road-trip enthusiast, or daily driver, the Pair of 28 PSI Pressure Caps is a compact tool that ensures your tires are consistently at the recommended pressure. Durability is key, and these pressure caps are designed to withstand the rigors of daily driving. Enhance the lifespan of your tires and enjoy a smoother, more efficient ride with this essential accessory.


  • Pre-set to 28 PSI for efficient maintenance
  • Easy-to-read gauge for quick pressure checks
  • Universal fit for hassle-free application
  • Durable caps enhance tire lifespan


  • Pressure setting: 28 PSI
  • Compatibility: Universal fit
  • Material: Durable construction
  • Gauge: Easy-to-read visual indicator


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