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Mobile Air Cooler


Stay Cool with Portable Ease: Mobile Air Cooler

  • Chills and freshens air efficiently
  • Nine adjustable air speed settings
  • Includes remote and timer control
  • Acts as a cooler, fan, and humidifier
  • Features ioniser and air filter for cleaner air

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Beat the Heat with Advanced Cooling Technology

Experience the ultimate comfort during those sweltering summer days and nights with our Mobile Air Cooler. This versatile unit is designed to offer you not just a blast of cool air but also improve the quality of air in your living space. Equipped with a large, easy-to-fill reservoir, this cooler allows you to add ice or chilled water, transforming hot, stale air into a cool, refreshing breeze. Whether you’re looking to cool down during the day or enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, this air cooler is your perfect companion.

The Mobile Air Cooler is not just about cooling; it’s about creating a healthier environment too. With its built-in air filter and ioniser, it removes odours and purifies the air, making it cleaner and more breathable. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory issues. The cooler also serves as a humidifier, adding moisture to dry air, which can be especially helpful in air-conditioned rooms or during dry weather periods.

Enjoy the convenience of customising your cooling experience with nine different air speed options, controlled either directly on the unit or via the included remote control. The timer function allows you to set the cooler to turn off automatically, making it energy efficient and cost-effective. With its sleek design and castors for easy mobility, this air cooler can be moved from room to room, providing targeted cooling wherever you need it most.


  • Multi-functional: Cooler, Fan, Humidifier, Ioniser
  • Nine speed settings for optimal comfort
  • Remote control for convenient operation
  • Timer feature for energy-efficient use
  • Built-in air filter and ioniser for cleaner air
  • Portable design with castors for easy movement


  • Power Source: Mains operated
  • Reservoir Capacity: Large, easy-fill tank
  • Mobility: Castors for easy movement
  • Control: Computerised controls with LED display
  • Additional: Comes with ice packs for enhanced cooling

Enjoy fresher, cooler air with our versatile and portable Mobile Air Cooler, making it a summer essential for any home.

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