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Miracle Vanish Pen – Pack of 2


Say goodbye to car scratches with Miracle Vanish Pen!

  • Instantly eliminate scratches and marks.
  • Specialist formula fills and seals scratches.
  • Protects against corrosion and damage.
  • Suitable for all vehicle types and colours

Original price was: £14.99.Current price is: £6.99.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 £6.99
2+ 28.61 % £4.99
Sku: H64688

Revitalise Your Vehicle’s Look: Erase Scratches with Ease!

Every car owner’s nightmare – unsightly scratches. They cheapen the look of your precious vehicle and reduce its value. Enter the Miracle Vanish Pen, your ultimate solution to these annoying everyday scratches. Unlike regular methods that merely hide the marks, the Miracle Vanish Pen truly vanishes them. Its unique formula not only fills in the scratch marks but also seals them and offers protection against potential corrosion.

Worried about the colour of your car? No need. Whether you own a sparkling white sedan or a deep blue SUV, this pen is universally compatible. It ensures any vehicle, irrespective of its colour, returns to its pristine, scratch-free glory.

Utilizing the Miracle Vanish Pen couldn’t be simpler. Activate it with a shake, press the tip on the affected area, and glide it over. Watch as those unsightly scratches vanish, leaving behind a refreshed and gleaming surface.


  • Instant Repair: Fills and erases scratch marks in seconds.
  • Universal Application: Suitable for all vehicle colours and types.
  • Protective Formula: Guards against future corrosion on the treated area.
  • Easy to Use: Just shake, press, and glide for an instant fix.


What’s Included:
1 Miracle Vanish Pen
Special Offer: Buy One Get One Free – Order one, and receive an additional Miracle Vanish Pen at no extra cost!

Wave goodbye to unsightly car scratches and welcome a pristine, gleaming vehicle with the Miracle Vanish Pen!

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