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Mens Stauer Midas Watch

  • Seeking a mechanical genius with the Midas touch
  • The quest to create the Stauer Midas Watch
  • Crafting with whisper-thin 24K gold sheets
  • The challenge of working with soft gold
  • Precision timekeeping beneath the gleaming gold exterior


Sku: 29860

The man with the golden watch

A mechanical genius with the Midas touch? Never heard of him? Don’t know what you’re talking about? Maybe you should go back to America, they say.

But I’m stubborn. I’m sticking around until I meet the man I came halfway around the world to meet. I want to see his work, shake his hand and find out what makes him tick.

I sell watches for a living. I’ve got nothing but time. If you’re reading this now, it means that I found him. It means that I convinced him to help us create the stunning Stauer Midas Watch. It takes a special kind of patience and skill to create art with whisper-thin sheets of genuine 24K gold finish. Only a handful of people in this world can make it look easy.

While gold is one of the most coveted precious metals on the planet, it’s also one of the softest. That makes it even more of a challenge to work with, especially when the process involves hammered, 24K gold sheets. But anyone interested in crafting watches has learned a thing or two about attention to detail. The final result looks spectacular, but our Midas Watch is more than a showpiece. Underneath its gleaming gold-washed exterior beats the heart of a precision time machine. Oscillating at an incredible rate of cycles per second. The movement is consistently accurate to within fractions of a second per day. So while wearing the Midas will surely turn heads, it will also prove that the real secret to success is showing up on time… not just showing off. Movement Type: Quartz.

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