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Men’s Stauer Leather Band Monaco

  • Golden era of racing celebrated in design
  • Fritz Moeri’s 1910 wristwatch changed timing in racing
  • Steeplechase Chronograph revives Roaring Twenties aesthetics
  • Modern precision movement meets traditional craftsmanship
  • Experience history with the Steeplechase watch


Sku: 14660

Mastering Swiss Craftsmanship Without the Swiss Price Tag

Refined elegance meets undeniable value at under £150.

Ever pondered the secrets behind a luxury watch’s impeccable precision? Or why Swiss watches, synonymous with opulence, fetch such astronomical prices? At Stauer, our curiosity led to innovation. We envisaged a world where the charm of Swiss expertise could be enjoyed without the burden of its cost. The mission was set, and our journey began.

Venturing beyond the scenic landscapes of Switzerland, we set our sights on a location that offered the best of both worlds: the essence of Swiss craftsmanship without the associated expenses. By harnessing the might of Swiss machinery, the meticulousness of Swiss-trained engineers, and the precision of Swiss calibrators, we realized our vision in the form of the Stauer Monaco.

More than just a timepiece, the Stauer Monaco is an ode to the art of watchmaking. Built on a foundation of over £13 million investment, it stands as a beacon of impeccable quality and unmatched value. Every facet of the watch, from its intricate 6-hand movement that gracefully displays date, day, and military time to its automatic mechanics powered by a symphony of over 185 hand-assembled parts, reverberates with Swiss inspiration. And to ensure that each tick is as perfect as the last, every Monaco is meticulously tested for 15 days.

But the Monaco’s charm isn’t limited to its mechanics. It’s seen in the graceful sweep of its second hand, a refreshing departure from the jarring tick-tocks of mass-produced watches. In every glance, it challenges the narrative spun by Swiss marketing maestros and beckons the discerning to make an informed choice.


  • Craftsmanship: Swiss-inspired, precision-engineered.
  • Case & Crown: Stainless steel, a testament to durability.
  • Movement: Dynamic automatic, powered by your motion.
  • Dial: Date and day of the week, with a 24-hour military time sub-dial.
  • Size: 48mm diameter, with a 16mm case thickness.
  • Strap: A sturdy 23mm W band, designed to fit wrists up to 8 1/2″.

Step out of the shadows of traditional luxury. Embrace the future with Stauer Monaco. Not just a watch, but a revolution on your wrist.

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