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Men’s Stauer Chrome Monaco

  • Built using Swiss machinery and trained engineers
  • Displays date, day, and 24-hour military time
  • Automatic movement powered by body’s motion
  • Features 185 hand-assembled parts and 24 jewels
  • Offers luxury without the high “luxury” price tag.

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Sku: 12090

Mastering Swiss Craftsmanship Without the Swiss Price Tag

A Symphony of Metal and Mechanics for under £300.

The allure of Swiss watches often lies hidden behind a blend of art and engineering. But what if we could capture that allure, infuse it with innovation, and present it without the traditional Swiss price tag? At Stauer, we turned this “what if” into a gleaming reality.

Venturing beyond the picturesque Swiss Alps, we sought a location that merged the ethos of Swiss precision with cost-effective production. Employing Swiss machinery, Swiss-trained engineers, and precision-driven Swiss calibrators, our vision crystallized in the form of the Stauer Monaco with a Chrome Bracelet.

The Stauer Monaco isn’t just a testament to time-keeping; it’s a statement piece. With an investment surpassing £13 million in state-of-the-art machinery, this watch stands as an emblem of unmatched quality at an unparalleled price. Every detail, from its comprehensive 6-hand movement that simultaneously displays date, day, and military time, to its self-sustaining automatic mechanics composed of over 185 hand-assembled parts, resonates with Swiss finesse. A rigorous 15-day testing phase ensures that every Stauer Monaco sings the song of Swiss precision with each passing second.

Beyond its impeccable mechanics, the Monaco’s charm is further elevated by its chrome bracelet. Gleaming, sleek, and seamlessly integrated, it offers both comfort and a contemporary edge. The smooth sweep of its second hand challenges the narratives crafted by Swiss luxury brands, inviting the discerning individual to redefine luxury on their own terms.


  • Craftsmanship: Swiss-inspired, precision-engineered.
  • Case & Crown: Durable stainless steel, echoing resilience.
  • Movement: Self-powered automatic, harmonizing over 185 parts.
  • Dial: Multifaceted with date, day of the week, and a 24-hour military time sub-dial.
  • Size: A commanding 48mm diameter with a robust 16mm case thickness.
  • Bracelet: Lustrous chrome, 23mm W, tailored to fit wrists up to 8 1/2″.

Dive into a new era of luxury with the Stauer Monaco Chrome. Not just a timepiece, but a gleaming revolution on your wrist.

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