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Large Window Bird Feeder

Bring Nature to Your Window

  • Large window bird feeder
  • Clear plastic with removable feed tray
  • Three sections for bird feed variety
  • Secures to window with three suction discs
  • Size: H13cm x W10cm x L29.9cm


Sku: H66736

Watch Feathered Friends Up Close

Experience the joy of birdwatching from the comfort of your home with our large window bird feeder. Crafted from clear plastic, this feeder provides a clear view of visiting birds while offering a spacious feeding area. The removable feed tray features three sections, allowing you to offer a variety of bird feed to attract different species.

Designed for convenience, this window bird feeder easily attaches to the outside of your window using three secure suction discs. Simply place it on any window and enjoy watching birds up close as they dine and socialize. The compact size of H13cm x W10cm x L29.9cm ensures it fits neatly on most window sills without obstructing your view.

Bring the beauty of nature to your home and create a peaceful oasis for birds with our large window bird feeder. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or simply enjoy observing wildlife, this feeder adds a delightful touch to any living space.

What’s Included:

  • Large window bird feeder
  • Removable feed tray
  • Three suction discs for mounting


  • Material: Clear plastic
  • Size: H13cm x W10cm x L29.9cm

Regularly clean the feeder to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases among visiting birds. Avoid placing the feeder in direct sunlight for extended periods to prevent overheating.

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