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Ladies Breil Wide B Black Watch


Command Attention with Wide B Black Elegance

  • Striking black dial for dramatic elegance
  • Wide 2.5cm band for a bold statement
  • Stainless steel for enduring sophistication
  • Quartz movement for precise timekeeping
  • Versatile style for formal and casual wear

Original price was: £59.99.Current price is: £15.00.

Sku: 2519350540

Where bold style meets timeless charm, a masterpiece designed to make a bold statement.

The Ladies Breil Wide B Black Watch is a testament to exquisite design and unmatched craftsmanship. Its round black face, carefully curated for dramatic impact, serves as the perfect canvas for contemporary elegance. Encased within a wide 2.5cm stainless steel band, this watch becomes more than an accessory—it becomes a statement piece, reflecting your confident and bold personality. With its reliable quartz movement, this watch guarantees accurate timekeeping, reminding you to seize every moment with determination.

The black face, adorned with minimalist details, creates a perfect balance between boldness and sophistication. Whether paired with formal attire for a special occasion or adding an edge to your everyday look, this watch elevates your style, making you stand out in any crowd. Its striking round black face exudes dramatic elegance, capturing attention with every glance. The wide 2.5cm stainless steel band adds a touch of boldness, making this timepiece a true fashion statement.

Powered by quartz movement, it ensures precision and accuracy, allowing you to embrace your day with confidence. Where bold style meets timeless charm, this watch becomes a symbol of your unique fashion sense and unyielding confidence.

Features and Specifications:

  • Design: Striking round black face for dramatic elegance
  • Band Material: Wide 2.5cm stainless steel for bold sophistication
  • Band Width: Bold band width for a statement look
  • Dial: Minimalist black dial for contemporary charm
  • Movement: Reliable quartz movement for precise timekeeping

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