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Kingsbright Rechargeable Fluorescent Lantern

Illuminate your adventures with the Kingsbright Rechargeable Fluorescent Lantern

  • Powerful, reliable light for any outing.
  • Rechargeable for eco-friendly convenience.
  • Compact design with carry handle.
  • 360-degree illumination for versatile use.
  • Unleash brightness, recharge, and repeat.


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Sku: H63592

Light up your outdoor experiences with the Kingsbright Rechargeable Fluorescent Lantern—an essential companion for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness

No need for disposable batteries—this lantern is rechargeable for eco-friendly convenience. The compact design, complete with a sturdy carry handle, makes it easy to take with you on all your adventures. Whether you’re camping under the stars or navigating a power outage, the Kingsbright Lantern is your go-to source for dependable brightness.

The 360-degree illumination ensures that light is distributed evenly in all directions, making it perfect for lighting up tents, campsites, or emergency situations. With multiple brightness settings, you can tailor the illumination to your specific needs, conserving energy when required.

Recharge and repeat—the Kingsbright Rechargeable Fluorescent Lantern is designed for long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and embrace the reliability and eco-friendly convenience of this powerful and versatile lantern.

Features & Specifications:

  • Powerful, reliable light for any outing
  • Rechargeable for eco-friendly convenience
  • Compact design
  • 360-degree illumination for versatile use
  • 24” Philips fluorescent tube
  • Built in 6V sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery
  • Equipped with AC power cord and plug
  • Automatically Recharge when plugged into any standard wall outlet
  • Automatically turns on if your power goes out
  • Once charged battery service life is approx. 3 hours

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