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Kicktail Floater Choco Shadow

Mimic Nature, Lure Every Fish with KickTail!

  • Revolutionary aeronautical flutter design
  • Freshwater and saltwater compatible
  • Versatile movement styles
  • Induces natural fish-like swimming
  • Unbeatable fish attraction


Sku: H66350-FIG

KickTail Shad: The Pinnacle of Natural Swim Lures. Every Strike, Always a Catch!

Experience the future of fishing with the innovative KickTail shad. Crafted to perfection, this lure introduces the groundbreaking principle of aeronautical flutter. The result? A swimming action so lifelike, it deceives even the most cautious fish. Whether you’re casting in fresh or salt water, the KickTail is designed to mimic the smallest subtleties of real fish movement.

From twitching to ripping, pausing to walking, or a simple reel-in, every motion of the KickTail looks utterly natural. Its versatility ensures it matches the prey movement patterns that predatory species are looking for. With its unprecedented realism, fish can’t help but take the bait. Say goodbye to empty casts and elevate your fishing game with KickTail shad.


  • Aeronautical Flutter Technology: Ensures lifelike motion
  • Multi-environment Friendly: Suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Versatile Actions: Multiple movement styles for varied fishing conditions
  • Natural Appeal: Simulates realistic prey, inducing strikes
  • Designed for All Species: Targets any fish that preys on its size


What’s Included:

  • 1 KickTail Shad Lure



  • Principle: Aeronautical Flutter
  • Environment: Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Movement Styles: Twitch, Rip, Pause, Walk, Reel
  • Target Species: All fish preying on its size


For best results, adapt the movement style according to the targeted species and their natural prey. The effectiveness may vary based on the environment, fish behavior, and technique employed. Always handle with care and store properly to ensure longevity.

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