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Key Safe Combination Lock Box

Secure Key Storage Solution

  • Solid and water-resistant
  • Re-settable combination lock
  • Wall mountable
  • Fittings included
  • Easy to use


Sku: H67257

Safe and Practical Key Storage Solution

The Key Storage Box provides a safe and secure solution for storing your keys. Designed with convenience and security in mind, this robust box is solid and water-resistant, ensuring your keys are protected from the elements. Its re-settable combination lock allows you to set and change your code easily, adding an extra layer of security.

Ideal for both residential and commercial use, this key storage box can be wall-mounted, keeping your keys accessible yet secure. The fittings required for wall mounting are included, making installation straightforward. Whether you need a secure place for spare keys or a solution for shared access, this key storage box offers the perfect blend of security and practicality.

With approximate dimensions of 95 x 115 x 40mm externally and 80 x 100 x 30mm internally, it provides ample space for multiple keys. Its compact size ensures it doesn’t take up much room while offering substantial storage capacity.

What’s Included:

  • Key Storage Box
  • Wall mounting fittings


  • External Dimensions: 95 x 115 x 40mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 80 x 100 x 30mm
  • Material: Solid, water-resistant
  • Lock Type: Re-settable combination lock
  • Mounting: Wall mountable
  • Fittings: Included

Disclaimer: Ensure the combination lock is set to a memorable code. Regularly check the lock and mounting to maintain security. Not suitable for storing large items or valuables.

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