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Hungarian Goose Feather Down Luxury Pillow

Sleep in Ultimate Comfort and Luxury!

  • Premium Hungarian goose feather blend
  • Luxurious 232 thread count
  • 100% pure cotton cover
  • Evenly distributed feathers with cassette stitching
  • Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying


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Sku: H93699

Where Tradition Meets Unparalleled Comfort!

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and luxury with Early’s of Witney Hungarian Goose Feather Pillows. Expertly crafted with a blend of 90% premium small white Hungarian goose feathers and 10% Hungarian goose down, these pillows promise the kind of sleep dreams are made of.

The pillows showcase a luxurious 232 thread count, enveloped in a 100% pure cotton cover that is soft to the touch. The design incorporates a cassette stitching method, ensuring that the feathers stay evenly distributed, eliminating any discomfort from lumps or uneven spots. Every edge of the pillow is meticulously finished with a high-quality pipe edging, signifying its premium craftsmanship.

For added convenience, these pillows come with a corner sewing sash and are machine washable at 40°C, maintaining their loft and freshness with each wash. They are also suitable for tumble drying, making maintenance a breeze.

To complement the luxury of the product, each pair is presented in a rope-handled bag – making it a perfect gift or an elegant storage solution. With dimensions of 29 x 19”, these pillows fit most standard-sized cases.


  • Made with 90% Hungarian goose feather and 10% down
  • Luxurious and breathable 100% pure cotton cover
  • Cassette stitched for even feather distribution
  • High-quality pipe edging finish
  • Convenient storage with a rope-handled bag


Material: 90% Hungarian goose feather, 10% Hungarian goose down
Cover: 100% Pure Cotton
Size: 29 x 19”
Washing Instructions: Machine Washable at 40°C, Suitable for Tumble Drying

Indulge in the exceptional quality and comfort offered by Early’s of Witney. Transform your sleep with the Hungarian Goose Feather Pillow.

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