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EcoEgg Hy-Toilet Brush

Revolutionise Your Bathroom Cleaning!

  • Ergonomic Danish-inspired design
  • Antibacterial handle with silver ions
  • Reduced dripping 360° silicone head
  • No mess sticking, unlike traditional brushes
  • Wall-mountable for convenience


Sku: H66484-FIG

Experience the Next Generation of Toilet Cleaning with the EcoEgg Hy-Toilet Brush!

Traditional toilet brushes have long been a breeding ground for bacteria, often proving to be more of a problem than a solution. Enter the Live Clever hy-brush – a groundbreaking approach to bathroom cleaning. This brush isn’t just functional, it’s intelligently designed. Drawing inspiration from the minimalist and ergonomic features of Danish design, it promises both efficiency and style.

The handle is not just any handle. It’s innovatively crafted with antibacterial properties, infused with silver ions, ensuring that bacteria don’t stand a chance. But the magic doesn’t end there. The brush features a 360° silicone head that not only ensures a comprehensive clean but also boasts water-repellent properties. This means less dripping and less mess – a frequent issue with standard brushes. And any debris or paper? They won’t stick to this brush, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience every time.

With the bonus of a wall-mountable holder, the Live Clever hy-brush ensures your bathroom remains tidy, hygienic, and up-to-date with the latest in cleaning innovations.


  • Ergonomic design for optimal cleaning
  • Antibacterial handle to combat germs
  • Water-repellent silicone head for reduced mess
  • Wall-mountable design for organised storage
  • Angled perfectly for a thorough cleaning experience


What’s Included:

  • EcoEgg Hy-Toilet Brush with silicone head
  • Wall-mountable holder



  • Design: Ergonomic Danish-inspired
  • Material: Antibacterial handle with silver ions, 360° silicone head
  • Mount: Wall-mountable holder


Disclaimer: For best results and longevity, rinse the brush after each use and allow it to air dry. Ensure the wall-mountable holder is fixed securely. While the EcoEgg Hy-Toilet Brush is designed to repel water and reduce bacteria, it’s always recommended to maintain regular cleaning for optimal hygiene.

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