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Eckman 3000W Leaf Blower, Vacuum Shredder

Effortless Leaf Management with Powerful Performance

  • 3000W power for superior performance
  • Dual functionality: blow and vacuum leaves
  • 14,000rpm shredder reduces volume by 90%
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comes with 10m power lead



Transform Your Leaf Management with the Eckman Leaf Blower, Vacuum, and Shredder

Bid farewell to the days of bending, stooping, and laboriously clearing leaves by hand – the Eckman Leaf Blower, Vacuum, and Shredder is here to redefine the way you manage leaves. With an outstanding 3000W, it effortlessly outdoes similar models, bringing unparalleled efficiency and ease to your garden tasks. Its reduced noise levels and lightweight design further ensure that your leaf management becomes a seamless endeavour.

Witness its prowess as it methodically blows leaves from hard-to-reach spots like under cars, bushes, and driveways, accumulating them into neat heaps. But there’s more to it than just blowing; with a quick switch, it vacuums leaves, ensuring a pristine finish. The true wonder of this tool is its 14,000rpm shredder, complete with an 8mm Gravel filter. This remarkable addition compacts the leaves to a mere 10% of their original size, leading them into the spacious 45L collection bag. If you ever feel the need for extra storage, an additional 45L bag is available for purchase, making prolonged sessions more efficient. The reduced leaves serve as an excellent addition to compost heaps, making your gardening endeavours environmentally friendly. Find the extra bag here.

Prioritising user comfort, this Eckman marvel has a soft control trigger and front wheels ensuring steady operation. Made from high-quality virgin PP material, it’s durable, a significant step ahead of models made from brittle recycled plastics. Its unique leaf collection system, easy bag detachment, and a solid shoulder strap make it supremely portable.

No more being restricted by short power cords. This must-have garden tool is equipped with a 10m power lead, letting you navigate your garden with ease. Immerse yourself in the efficiency, power, and user-friendliness that the Eckman Leaf Blower, Vacuum, and Shredder promises.


  • Power: 3000W
  • Shredder speed: 14,000rpm
  • Leaf volume reduction: Up to 90%
  • Collection bag capacity: 45L
  • Material: Virgin PP
  • Included: 10m power lead

What’s Included:

  • Eckman Leaf Blower, Vacuum, and Shredder
  • 45L Collection Bag
  • Shoulder Strap

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