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Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner


Effortless Window Cleaning with Double-Sided Magnetic Cleaner

  • Cleans Both Sides Simultaneously
  • No Need for Risky Climbing or Balancing
  • Powerful Magnets Hold Pads Securely
  • Easy Application of Cleaning Solution
  • Suitable for Various Glass Thicknesses (18 – 30mm)

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Experience Hassle-Free Window Cleaning with the Double-Sided Magnetic Cleaner

The double-sided magnetic window cleaner revolutionises the way you clean your windows. No more precarious climbs or unstable positions. This innovative cleaner allows you to tackle both sides of the window at once. It consists of two cleaning pads, each equipped with a powerful magnet. One pad adheres to the inside of the window, while the other attaches to the outside, ensuring a secure hold.

Using the magnetic window cleaner is a breeze. Apply your preferred cleaning solution to one of the pads, then place the other pad on the opposite side of the glass. Thanks to the robust magnets, the two pads stay firmly connected. Glide the cleaner along the surface of the window, effortlessly removing dirt and grime from both sides in one smooth motion.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Magnetic Glass Wipe
  • 2 x Replacement Cotton
  • 2 x Silicone Scraper


  • Applicable Glass Thickness: 18 – 30mm

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