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Crusader Automatic Watch

  • Crusader Watch: A timepiece with an 800-year-old coin
  • Celebrating the historic era of the Crusades
  • Features a genuine Deniers of Bohemond III coin
  • Water-resistant, 21-jewel movement, and “Carpe Diem” inscription
  • Honor the legacy of this significant period in history.


Sku: 52499

Travel Through Time With a Historic Watch

A timepiece starring an 800-year-old coin

In front of a massive crowd on Nov. 27, 1095, Pope Urban II had a message for those who had gathered: It was time for knights throughout Christendom to attack the powerful Islamic Caliphate and reclaim Jerusalem.

Urban II’s proclamation launched the Crusades, a titanic struggle for vast stretches of the Mediterranean world that would last four centuries. During this time, the great armies of Islam and Christianity would duke it out, reshaping the world and forging the national identities we still know today.

Needing their own coinage, the Crusader kingdoms struck the Deniers of Bohémond III, ruler of the Principality of Antioch. These iconic coins include the cross pattée with equidistant flaring arms within a circle.

To celebrate this critical moment in world history, we’ve crafted our Crusader Watch, an automatic timepiece that places a genuine 800-year-old crusader coin inside of a watch. Surrounded by a brass dial and fitted with a brown leather strap, this watch is a mandatory keepsake for any amateur historian. Water-resistant to 3 ATM, this watch features a 21-jewel movement to ensure accuracy and reduce internal friction. Additionally, this watch marks the hours in a narrow window that shows a rotating inner dial, and includes the words “Carpe Diem,” which surely must have been the mantra for this era of combat.

So seize the day by honoring the legacy of this historic era with the Crusader Watch today!

  • Authentic Deniers of Bohemond III coin
  • Automatic movement
  • Exhibition back
  • Stainless steel caseback & crown
  • Genuine Leather band
  • Water resistant up to 3 ATM
  • Case 40mm diameter
  • 14mm Thickness
  • Band 22mm width, 4.75mm Thichness
  • 87 grams
  • Fits up to 8″ wrist
  • As each coin is authentic, design, orientation and shape may vary

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