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CD & DVD Scratch Remover


Revive Your CDs and DVDs with ScratchAway

  • Restores scratched CDs and DVDs
  • Saves your favourite movies and music
  • Simple and effective CD cleaning solution
  • Easy-to-use, hassle-free operation
  • Extend the lifespan of your cherished discs


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Out of stock

Sku: H63276

Rediscover the Joy of Skip-Free Entertainment

Tired of your cherished CDs and DVDs being relegated to the bin due to bothersome scratches? ScratchAway is here to bring them back to life. This remarkable cleaning device is specially designed to eliminate minor scratches, restoring your discs to their original, skip-free condition. Say goodbye to those frustrating skips that interrupt your favourite movies and music.

Using ScratchAway is a breeze. This simple yet effective solution lets you enjoy your cherished entertainment without any interruptions. No need to toss away valuable discs just because of a few surface imperfections. With ScratchAway, you can save both your collection and your enjoyment.

Revive your CDs and DVDs with this innovative cleaning device and experience your entertainment as it was meant to be enjoyed. Rediscover the magic of your favourite movies and music, free from the annoyance of skips caused by minor scratches. Give your collection a new lease on life with ScratchAway.

What’s Included:

  • 1 ScratchAway CD Cleaning Device


  • Size: Standard CD/DVD dimensions
  • Compatibility: Works with most CDs and DVDs
  • Effectiveness: Restores minor scratches
  • Usage: Simple and hassle-free operation

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