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Bird Dome Feeder


Clear Dome Bird Seed Feeder

  • Made of durable clear polycarbonate
  • Adjustable dome height to control bird access
  • Keeps food dry and protected from elements
  • Suitable for mealworms or seeds
  • Attracts small birds while deterring larger ones

Original price was: £22.99.Current price is: £19.99.

Sku: H67217

Attract small birds and protect their food with our Clear Dome Bird Seed Feeder.

Our Clear Dome Bird Seed Feeder is designed to attract small birds while keeping their food dry and protected. Crafted from strong clear polycarbonate, this feeder won’t discolor over time, ensuring a clear view of the feeding area. The adjustable dome height allows you to control bird access, keeping larger birds out if desired. Whether you fill it with mealworms or seeds, the dome provides protection from the elements, ensuring that the food stays fresh and dry. Ideal for bird enthusiasts looking to create a welcoming environment for small birds in their garden.

What’s Included:

  • Clear Dome Bird Seed Feeder


  • Material: Clear polycarbonate
  • Adjustable dome height
  • Tray size: 20cm diameter
  • Dome size: 30cm diameter

Ensure proper installation and maintenance to optimize feeder performance and bird attraction.

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