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Anti-Limescale Ball


Defend Appliances, Save Pounds!

  • Reusable, cost-effective solution
  • Combat water hardness effectively
  • Enhances cleaning prowess of water
  • Negates need for regular tablet treatments
  • Protects washing machines from limescale

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The ultimate guard against costly limescale damages, now in a reusable ball.

Say goodbye to frequent, expensive repair bills caused by the persistent nemesis of household appliances – limescale. Introducing the Anti-Limescale Ball, an innovative solution that promises not just savings but enhanced washing efficiency. No longer rely on continuous tablet treatments. This reusable wonder significantly reduces water hardness, ensuring your washing machine remains in optimal condition. Furthermore, by improving the water’s cleaning power, your clothes come out cleaner and fresher. It’s not just an investment in protecting your appliance but also in ensuring efficient, cost-effective washing for years to come.


  • Effective in reducing the hardness of water
  • Reusable design ensures long-term savings
  • Enhances the washing machine’s cleaning capacity
  • Provides an eco-friendly alternative to conventional tablet treatments
  • Easy to use – just place it in the washing machine


What’s Included:

  • 1 Anti-Limescale Ball



  • Material: Limescale resistant compounds
  • Usage: Suitable for all standard washing machines
  • Lifespan: Reusable for multiple washes
  • Function: Reducing water hardness and boosting cleaning efficacy

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