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6-Seater Rectangle Set Cover – Secure Garden

Protect and Preserve

  • Weather-Resistant Cover for Outdoor Furniture.
  • Secure Your Garden Set with a Custom Fit.
  • Durable Material for Year-Round Protection.
  • Tailored for 6-Seater Rectangle Furniture Sets.
  • Ensure Longevity, Enjoy Your Outdoor Oasis.


Sku: H65928

Preserve the beauty of your outdoor haven

Youre enjoying a relaxing summer afternoon in the garden. Suddenly it starts to pour. By the time youve got the furniture under cover both it and you are soaking. The solutions simple – and comes in the shape of these convenient throw-over covers. Tailor-made to shield tables and chairs from the elements; rain, snow, hail and blazing sun, theyre constructed with a durable waterproof fabric, resistant to tearing and puncturing and finished with tough bonded seams. The covers are easily pull-cord secured to keep them in place, even in a high wind. Suitable for year-round use, they are made specially to prevent mould and mildew and are available in the following shapes and sizes.

Secure your investment and keep your outdoor retreat looking pristine with the 6-Seater Rectangle Set Cover from Secure Garden. Crafted from durable and weather-resistant material, this cover is designed to withstand the elements, providing reliable protection for your 6-seater rectangle furniture sets throughout the seasons.

The custom fit ensures a secure covering that not only shields your outdoor furniture from rain, snow, and UV rays but also prevents dust and debris from settling. As you safeguard your garden set with this cover, you are not just ensuring its longevity; you’re also preserving the inviting appeal of your outdoor space. Enjoy the beauty of your garden year-round with the confidence that the Secure Garden 6-Seater Rectangle Set Cover provides.

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