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Automatic Watering Device for House Plants 2 Pack


Garden’s Best Friend in Your Absence

  • Hassle-free automatic watering
  • Perfect for miniature garden enthusiasts
  • User-friendly design for quick setup
  • Adaptable to various plant nourishments
  • Consistent hydration for plant vitality

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Sku: H66563

The Miniature Garden’s Trusted Guardian

If you’re a lover of miniature gardens but often find yourself away from home or simply too caught up with life’s responsibilities, meet Green Park – the reliable caretaker for your treasured mini plants. Whether it’s an extended holiday or a hectic work schedule, ensure your green little wonders are thriving.

The design is ingeniously simple. Just hang Green Park on your pot’s edge, and it takes over the crucial task of watering. Whether it’s water or a specialized plant nourishment, the main PE bag can be filled to suit your plant’s needs. The easy-to-use fixing blade anchors Green Park securely, ensuring constant hydration as the watering tongue disperses moisture gradually. The tongue’s placement ensures optimum absorption, ensuring your miniature plants always look their verdant best.


  • Smart Design: Hang it, fill it, and leave your plants in safe hands.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for water or any plant nourishing fluid.
  • Steady Watering: Ensures a continuous supply of moisture, mimicking nature.
  • Secure Setup: The fixing blade ensures Green Park stays where you put it, always.
  • Perfect Depth: The watering tongue’s ideal positioning ensures the right amount of hydration.


What’s Included:

  • 2 x Green Park Automatic Watering Device
  • User manual for setup and care



  • Main Material: PE bag
  • Fixing Method: Fixing blade and hanger
  • Watering Depth: 0.5-1mm into the soil


Keep your miniature garden thriving effortlessly with Green Park. Because every tiny leaf and flower deserve consistent care.

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