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2-In-1 Electronic Yard Protector

Effective, Versatile, 2-In-1 Yard Protector

  • Continuous ultrasonic tone.
  • Owl sound for bird deterrence.
  • Adjustable animal repelling.
  • Guards against various pests.
  • Simple, discreet, and efficient.


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Sku: H60953

Guard Your Yard with Precision: 2-In-1 Electronic Yard Protector

Introducing the ultimate solution for safeguarding your yard from unwanted intruders. Our 2-In-1 Electronic Yard Protector is a versatile and efficient tool to maintain the tranquility of your outdoor space. It operates with a continuous ultrasonic tone that senses movement up to 30 feet away. When triggered, it emits an owl sound, effectively scaring away bothersome birds.

Customizing your defense has never been easier. Concealed inside is a hidden dial, allowing you to rotate and select the specific animal you want to repel. From birds and insects to cats, dogs, rodents, bats, and more, this device is a comprehensive defense against a wide range of pests.

Our Electronic Yard Protector is designed with simplicity and discretion in mind. It blends seamlessly into your outdoor environment while delivering outstanding results. Bid farewell to unwanted guests and enjoy the peaceful oasis you deserve.

What’s Included:

  • 2-In-1 Electronic Yard Protector


  • Ultrasonic Tone Range: Up to 30 feet
  • Bird Deterrence: Owl sound activation
  • Animal Repelling: Adjustable dial for various pests
  • Compatibility: Effective against birds, insects, cats, dogs, rodents, bats, and more.

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