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18″ Wooden Handle Hedge Shear

This Hedge shear has ergonomic, wooden handles with a lacquered finish.

  • Small lawn edging
  • Size: 18 Wooden Handles
  • Strong green and flexible
  • Ideal for retaining soil, stones, gravel & other surfacing used in gardens


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Sku: H66851

Trim with Comfort and Precision Using Ergonomic Hedge Shears

Achieve immaculate lawn edges with our Ergonomic Hedge Shears, designed for both comfort and precision. Crafted with ergonomic wooden handles featuring a lacquered finish, these shears ensure a comfortable grip and optimal control during trimming sessions. Whether you’re shaping hedges, bushes, or small lawn edging, these shears are up to the task.

Measuring 18 inches in size, these hedge shears are compact yet powerful, making them perfect for detail-oriented lawn maintenance tasks. Their strong and flexible construction, coupled with their vibrant green color, adds a touch of durability and style to your gardening arsenal. Additionally, these shears are ideal for retaining soil, stones, gravel, and other surfacing materials commonly used in gardens.

Enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space while achieving pristine landscaping results with our Hedge Shears. From precise trimming to effective soil retention, these shears offer versatility and reliability for all your gardening needs.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Hedge Shear with Ergonomic Wooden Handles


  • Type: Hedge Shears
  • Handle Material: Wooden
  • Handle Finish: Lacquered
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Color: Green
  • Ideal For: Small lawn edging, retaining soil, stones, gravel, etc.

Disclaimer: Handle with care to avoid injury. Ensure proper storage and maintenance for prolonged durability.

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