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12pc Royal Coffee Set Collectable


Royal Coffee Set: Timeless Elegance and History

  • Queen Victoria: 1819-1901
  • Eugenie of France: 1826-1920
  • Catherine the Great: 1729-1796
  • Maria Theresa of Austria: 1717-1780
  • Queen Elisabeth Christine of Prussia: 1715-1797
  • Sissi of Austria: 1837-1898

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Experience the Legacy of Remarkable Queens with Every Sip

Elevate your coffee moments with this exquisite 12-piece royal coffee set, paying homage to six influential queens who left an indelible mark on history. Each cup and saucer showcases intricate designs inspired by the era and empire of these iconic women. Immerse yourself in the elegance of Queen Victoria’s reign, the sophistication of Eugenie of France, and the political brilliance of Catherine the Great.

Maria Theresa of Austria’s legacy and Queen Elisabeth Christine of Prussia’s grace are captured in every delicate piece. Sissi of Austria’s enduring charm also graces this collectible set. Delight in your favourite brew while connecting with the past.

What’s Included:

  • 6 Coffee Cups
  • 6 Saucers


  • Material: Fine Porcelain
  • Cup Capacity: 180ml
  • Saucer Diameter: 15cm
  • Packaging: Elegant Gift Box
  • Not Suitable for Dishwasher or Microwave Use

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